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Welcome to Global Hairdressing and Global Hair Academy

Jimie O’Dee Artistic Director and Founder of The Hair Academy and Global Hairdressing School.

Jimie returned home after training in Vidal Sassoon to take up the position of Manager in charge of training, the general running and education for the staff in a fashionable Dublin salon at the time. 30 years ago Jimie entered the Irish Hairdressing Federation competitions and after winning the cut and colour competition, the cocktail evening style and coming second in the day style section Jimie was asked to join the Irish Hairdressing Federation artistic team. At a memorable first night Jimie took part in an educational demonstration session in the Gresham Hotel with the Irish artistic team. On stage that night were Frank Hession – artistic Director at the time, Robert Chambers, Paul Cummins and Michael O’Reilly all excellent hairdressers who all went on to greater things in the Hairdressing Industry.

Jimie was to open his first salon specialising in Avant Garde cutting and colouring. After a number of years Jimie had opened 4 salons and continued to demonstrate and educate all over the country with the Irish Hairdressing Federation artistic team finally becoming Artistic Director.

Jimie has demonstrated in the USA, Canada, Greece, The Philippines and all over Ireland.. Jimie also represented Ireland at a number of Events before becoming Chairman of the Irish Hairdressing Registration Board responsible for registering and training and raising the general standards of Hairdressing in Ireland. He has been for 25 years raising qualifications that are recognised throughout Ireland and to this day an all Ireland qualification recognised in the industry has never been achieved.

In 1996 Jimie finally opened his own Hair Academy and Global Hairdressing School, 3 Harcourt Hall, Charlotte Way, Dublin 2 running Diploma Foundation Courses 10 month full time and 16 month part time Diploma courses and short colouring and cutting courses.


Many many people have changed their lives entirely and followed their dream of becoming a hairdresser by taking the Diploma course at The Hair Academy and Global Hairdressing School. Some are working in Dublin and some have moved to sunnier climates like Australia and are doing very well and become very successful.

So why don’t you contact Dublin's Premier Hairdressing School if you have an interest in changing your life or if you are an artistic, outgoing, friendly fashion conscious person. We can arrange a personal interview to explore the possibility of getting you onto one of our Diploma Courses. Our courses attract people of many nationalities – apart from the many Irish people we have had students from all over Europe, Russia, India, China, Pakistan and the United States. Your Diploma is the first step to you becoming a hairdresser, an educator or a salon owner – with your Diploma the world is your oyster.


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